Public Facilities

Strategic Regional Issue #9 – Comprehensive Planning

Strategic Regional Issue #9 – Comprehensive Planning

Local comprehensive planning efforts in the region have significantly improved in the past decade, but the extension of water, sewer and road facilities and community services may expedite inefficient development when communities do not plan comprehensively.


9.I.  Each local government should have an up-to-date comprehensive plan that recommends that the necessary public facilities and services will be in place at the time the impacts of development occur, and that discourages the provision of public facilities outside of areas recommended for new development.

Policy Recommendations

9.I.1.  The public facilities element of each local comprehensive plan should analyze the need for public facilities and services, as well as specify areas for capital improvements, in consultation with water, stormwater and sewer managers.

9.I.2.  OKI will inventory and track the growth of water and sewer systems to help local and regional planners understand where new development is being encouraged and where transportation system improvements could be needed.

9.I.3.  Local planners should collaborate with relevant economic development organizations and water, stormwater and sewer managers to identify areas well-positioned for development and redevelopment.