Strategic Regional Issue #5 –¬†Traffic Congestion

Strategic Regional Issue #5 –¬†Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion remains an issue in the region, with multiple implications including loss of productivity, increased pricing of goods and services, loss of personal time, wasted fuel and degradation of air quality.


5.E OKI will enhance its evaluation of regionally significant transportation projects to assist communities with identifying sub-regional congestion impacts.

Policy Recommendations

5.E.1. OKI will continue to evaluate transportation projects on the basis of regional need, efficiency, safety, access, land use impact and economic vitality.

5.E.2. OKI will continue to provide technical assistance to help communities identify sub-regional congestion impacts.

5.E.3. OKI will continue to promote travel demand management and education programs, such as Rideshare, van pools and trip reduction that shift travel demand from single-occupant vehicles and peak travel periods, reducing the need for new capital investments in surface transportation.

5.E.4. All levels of government should continue to promote reduction in vehicle miles traveled through such measures as provision of a street and parking network designed for pedestrians, the disabled, bicyclists, transit, automobiles and trucks.

5.E.5. Regional corridor studies should continue to consider transit systems within congested corridors that connect urban and suburban centers to help reduce vehicle miles traveled.

5.E.6. All levels of government should emphasize access management and signal coordination and optimization along arterials and collectors to increase roadway efficiency.