Land Use

Strategic Regional Issue #32 – Demographic Shift

Strategic Regional Issue #32 – Demographic Shift

Major demographic shifts are creating needs for new types of housing, infrastructure, modes of travel, health care and community services, and are not always considered when communities make land use decisions.


32.FF. Local governments should consider and plan for changing demographic trends affecting housing, transportation and community services.

Policy Recommendations

32.FF.1. Local governments should use multiple methods to engage community members and organizations including those who do not traditionally participate in the planning and decision making process.

32.FF.2. Local comprehensive plans should assess the anticipated changes in demographic composition and evaluate the community needs resulting from those demographic changes.

32.FF.3. Local governments should work with local developers, homebuilders and contractors to address changing housing needs, including accessible and visitable housing.

32.FF.4. Local governments should identify transportation services and work with transportation providers to address gaps.

32. FF.5. Local governments should identify community services accessible to different demographic groups and work with businesses, non-profit organizations and social service agencies to address gaps.