Strategic Regional Issue #3 – Rising Costs

Strategic Regional Issue #3 – Rising Costs

The costs associated with transportation are rising.  There is a lack of adequate financial resources to operate, maintain and improve transportation systems in the region.


3.C.  OKI will continue to use a prioritization process as a tool for evaluating transportation project costs, will pursue additional transportation funding, and will ensure the prioritization process includes current Land Use Commission recommendations.

Policy Recommendations

3.C.1   The OKI long-range transportation plan and the transportation improvement program will continue to be the primary tools for prioritizing regional transportation investments.

3.C.2.  Transportation investments that help to meet regional needs and maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the transportation network will be given funding priority.

3.C.3.  OKI will continue to explore funding options for motorized and non-motorized transportation improvements to supplement traditional transportation funding sources.

3.C.4.  OKI will continue to support and assist local governments in applying and qualifying for federal funding for transportation projects, where consistent with the long-range transportation plan.