Land Use

Strategic Regional Issue #29 – Brownfield Redevelopment

Strategic Regional Issue #29 – Brownfield Redevelopment

There is a tendency in the region to develop vacant land on the suburban fringe because greenfield development is more economical and less constrained than brownfield redevelopment.


29.CC.  Local governments, economic development agencies, developers and planners should work together to redevelop brownfield sites throughout the region.

Policy Recommendations

29.CC.1.  OKI will research opportunities for grants and other funding sources and strategies to help make brownfield redevelopment more economically feasible while protecting public health and safety.

29.CC.2.  Local governments should streamline brownfield redevelopment approval processes where possible, while protecting public health and safety.

29.CC.3.  Local governments should identify and plan for commercial and industrial reuse of brownfield sites in their comprehensive plans.