Land Use

Strategic Regional Issue #28 – Land Consumption

Strategic Regional Issue #28 – Land Consumption

Land is being consumed for new development at a rate three times faster than population growth, resulting in a decrease in population density and population movement toward communities farther away from current centers of population and employment.


28.BB.  New development should be guided toward areas of the region where centers of population and employment already exist, and where public facilities and services, roadways and other infrastructure have been expanded or are planned for expansion as outlined in local comprehensive plans.

Policy Recommendations

28.BB.1.  Local governments should use their comprehensive plans and zoning ordinances to direct new development with a residential density of two or more household units per acre to areas that already have sewers and other urban services, or to areas where development can be phased in with the provision of urban services.

28.BB.2.  Local governments should use their comprehensive plans, zoning ordinances and other tools to encourage the preservation of green space and agricultural uses, where appropriate.

28.BB.3.  Local governments should  prioritize infrastructure investments to serve existing and planned centers of population and employment, rather than developing greenfields.

28.BB.4.  Local governments should encourage patterns and forms of development and redevelopment that maximize multi-modal transportation where appropriate, to reduce the total amount of daily vehicle miles traveled.

28.BB.5.  Local zoning ordinances should permit mixed-use developments in centers of population and employment that are recommended in local government comprehensive plans.

28.BB.6.  OKI and local governments should give priority to transportation projects which facilitate infill and compact development and foster transit-friendly developments.