Economic Development

Strategic Regional Issue #22 – Workforce

Strategic Regional Issue #22 – Workforce

Economic vitality depends on an educated, skilled workforce.


22.V.  State and local governments, economic development organizations, businesses and other stakeholders should work together to ensure that a variety of workforce development programs are available and utilized in the region.

Policy Recommendations

22.V.1.  Local governments should collaborate with local businesses and workforce policy boards to ensure the development of locally-driven training and placement programs that offer high-quality education to potential employees and technical assistance to new and established businesses, consistent with their specific needs.

22.V.2.  Local governments should collaborate with educational institutions, local businesses and economic development agencies to encourage training opportunities for local entrepreneurs.

22.V.3.  Local comprehensive plans should encourage and support mutually beneficial school-to-work alliances between educational institutions at all levels, employers and local government to ensure that students are learning the technical and non-technical skills needed by businesses and necessary to function in the work environment.

22.V.4.  Local comprehensive plans should support a living and working environment that is attractive to highly skilled and educated adults so that they will find sufficient reason to come to and remain in the region and the regional workforce.