Strategic Regional Issue #20 – Socioeconomic Issues

Strategic Regional Issue #20 – Socioeconomic Issues

Socioeconomic issues continue to fuel migration within the region.


20.T. Local governments in the region should assess the issues prompting migration in and out of their jurisdictions, considering factors such as the degree of diversity, opportunities for upward mobility, aging in place , and the role and ability of the private sector and non-profit organizations in responding to these issues.

Policy Recommendations

20.T.1. Local governments should encourage public and private efforts to create and maintain safe and livable neighborhoods where people want to live, work, learn, play, shop and grow a business.

20.T.2. A local comprehensive plan’s housing element should encourage a diverse mix of housing choices in order to attract and provide housing options for all ages and income levels.

20.T.3. Local governments should engage local residents in defining community assets, challenges and character as part of community planning efforts.