Strategic Regional Issue #16 – Stabilization and Revitalization

Strategic Regional Issue #16 – Stabilization and Revitalization

The housing stock in many of the region’s neighborhoods is in need of stabilization and revitalization or blight removal in order to maintain the community’s fiscal strength and protect the property owner’s assets.


16.P.  Each local government should comprehensively address housing needs.

Policy Recommendations

16.P.1.  OKI will maintain the Elements of an Effective Local Comprehensive Plan, a model to link transportation, land use, economic development, public facilities, public health, housing, natural systems, recreation, intergovernmental coordination and capital improvements for use by local governments in the region. Local government comprehensive plans should be consistent, as appropriate, with the OKI Elements of an Effective Local Comprehensive Plan, and OKI will provide information and technical assistance to local governments for this purpose. (same as 1.A.1)

16.P.2.  Each local government should create a housing strategy to identify needs and options specific to their community, considering their housing stock, demographic and market trends.

16.P.3.  Each local government should collaborate with developers and housing agencies in creating and realizing a housing strategy specific to their community’s needs.

16.P.4.  Local governments should review and revise design & development regulations to ensure that regulations will support housing revitalization, re-development and re-investment in existing housing stock.

16.P.5.  Local governments should use and enforce zoning, building, property maintenance, historic preservation, health, fire and/or appropriate codes to protect the community’s character, fiscal strength and property values.

16.P.6.  Local governments should pursue public and private funding and technical assistance to improve and maintain the housing stock or to remove blight in their communities, where appropriate.

16.P.7.  Local communities should encourage visitability and universal design standards in new housing and when retrofitting housing within the community, where appropriate.