Natural Systems

Strategic Regional Issue #13 –  Water Resources

Strategic Regional Issue #13 – Water Resources

Protection and sustainability of groundwater and surface water resources are not always addressed in local, state, regional, and federal planning processes.


13.M.  Groundwater and surface water resource protection and sustainability should be addressed in local government comprehensive plans, and will continue to be addressed in relevant OKI planning efforts.

Policy Recommendations

13.M.1.  Local jurisdictions should protect water quality through land use decisions and implementation of best management practices for stormwater run-off, with consideration of downstream impacts.

13.M.2.  Local jurisdictions should develop and adopt updated zoning and subdivision regulations that support implementation of the local comprehensive plan goals, objectives and policies, such as conservation design practices for new developments.

13.M.3.  OKI will serve as a clearinghouse for incentives and programs that could be used to conserve regionally significant natural systems.  The incentives and programs should include, but not be limited to the following: tax abatement or incentives, conservation easements, transfer of development rights, purchase of development rights and land acquisition.

13.M.4.  OKI will pursue funding sources for water quality management to ensure continued regional planning as required by the federal government and continued technical assistance to local governments and others.