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Strategic Regional Issue #10 – Aging Infrastructure

Strategic Regional Issue #10 – Aging Infrastructure

While in some cases adequate infrastructure has kept pace with the impacts of development, long term maintenance costs for aging infrastructure make it a challenge for communities to serve existing demand while enabling economic development.


10.J.  Measures should be in place to require the provision of adequate infrastructure.

Policy Recommendations

10.J.1.  Local governments should ensure that the costs of providing infrastructure for development are accounted for and covered by available funds, fee structures, and financial benefits to the community.

10.J.2.  Each local comprehensive plan should include level of service standards, identify the facilities needed to meet them, and reference capital improvement plans from relevant jurisdictions and water and sewer utilities.

10.J.3.  Local governments should evaluate land use proposals for consistency with the capacity and level of service of the public facilities and services identified in their comprehensive plans, and estimate public facility and service costs and benefits associated with these proposals.

10.J.4.  OKI will continue to investigate the feasibility of various funding sources to maintain or provide adequate infrastructure, including public-private sector partnerships, and will share relevant information with local governments.

10.J.5.  OKI will continue to encourage partnerships among utilities to avoid duplication of effort and maximize efficient use of funds without sacrificing customer service.