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What’s Being Done – Plan Implementation

My Community’s Water – Interactive Web-based Tool

In 2016 OKI used Ohio EPA funding to develop web-based, interactive water resource profiles for each of the 122 cities, villages, and townships in Butler, Clermont, Hamilton, and Warren counties, Ohio. GIS analysis of our region’s water resources lays the groundwork for informed choices when the public and private sectors plan the fate of natural systems, public facilities, and land use. Quantifiable data is conveyed through maps, tables, pie charts, and text.  This allows fair comparisons on watersheds, streams, aquifers, impervious surfaces, tree canopy, demographics, designated floodplains, and soils within the boundaries of a local political jurisdiction. View the tool here.


Incorporating Level of Service Standards/Benchmarks in Comprehensive Plans

OKI will consult with planners and water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure providers to identify elements to consider as standards or benchmarks for adequacy in comprehensive plans, and then incorporate them in guidance for local planners.


Analysis of Impervious Surface 

Because impervious surface increases the likelihood and amount of stormwater runoff, OKI conducted an analysis of impervious surface in the Ohio portion of the region that was incorporated as Appendix C to the Water Quality Management Plan.  Next steps (as funds are identified) are to perform such an analysis for the Kentucky and Indiana portions of the region.


Identification of Stormwater Management Agencies 

OKI has compiled a comprehensive list of stormwater management agencies responsible for meeting federal requirements in the Ohio portion of the region, an analysis that was then incorporated within Chapter 5 of the Water Quality Management Plan. Next steps (as funds are identified) are to perform such an analysis for the Kentucky and Indiana portions of the region.


Trees and Stormwater Guide

In 2017, Integrating Trees Into Stormwater Management Design and Policy – A Guide for Local Decision Makers was completed by OKI and partners as a national tool and resource for promoting, facilitating and increasing the use of trees for stormwater management.

Despite the proven value of trees for reducing stormwater flows and pollutants, there is widespread lack of understanding, acceptance and credibility of their use for managing stormwater. This project, funded in part by the USDA Forest Service’s National Urban and Community Forestry Challenge Cost Share Grant Program as recommended by the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council, is helping to overcome these barriers.

This tool has the capability for users to create a document customized for their own community that includes design, policy, and ordinance templates specific to their community.


OKI Groundwater Committee

The OKI Groundwater Committee continues to encourage partnerships among water providers across the region. The Groundwater Committee provides technical education to public water system operators, regulators and others concerned about drinking water protection and convenes on a quarterly basis.  For the latest information on this Committee, click here.


OKI Regional Conservation Council 

The RCC is comprised of the soil and water conservation districts from all the counties of region, and is a collegial information-sharing body for the promotion and implementation of best practices, especially for managing stormwater run-off and the pollutants it carries. The RCC convenes during events twice each year. For the latest information on RCC activities, click here.


OKI Elements of an Effective Local Comprehensive Plan 

OKI published the Elements of an Effective Local Comprehensive Plan in January 2016.  OKI staff has presented this Guide at local conference and workshop sessions, including the region’s annual David J Allor Planning and Zoning Workshop and often features topical elements at OKI Regional Planning Forum events.  To date, over 150 copies have been distributed to local communities and private sector consultants.  For a copy of the Guide or to request a workshop please contact Andy Meyer, Senior Planner at

Based on the 2014 SRPP update, new topic areas included in the 2016 publication include Public Health, Energy, and Community Character.

Guidance and Technical Assistance

Tools, research and resources related to the Comprehensive Planning and Land Use Planning are available as a service to local government in the region. OKI staff is available to provide technical assistance for specific local planning needs and projects as resources permit. In addition, OKI has developed planning guidance documents and model ordinances on special topics related to the How Do We Grow From Here? Plan. OKI staff will update the documents as needed. For additional information and links to the guidance documents, click here.


OKI Regional Planning Forum

OKI holds information meetings each year for professional planners across the region, called Regional Planning Forum. The forum features a variety of topics that help inform planners about the issues and policy recommendations in the How Do We Grow from Here? Plan. The purpose of the Forum is to create a regional outlet for sharing information, experience and expertise among planners and those in related disciplines so that we can provide the best possible quality of life for those who live and work in our region. For more information, click here.