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Public Facilities

Opportunity Area #9: Plan, Implement, and Invest in Resilient Infrastructure

Opportunity Area #9 – Plan, Implement and Invest in Resilient Infrastructure

In 2023, new infrastructure funding program opportunities from the 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law have dramatically increased. As these programs are developed federally and at state levels, it is expected additional funding will be available to communities for needed maintenance and updating of aging infrastructure. OKI continues to monitor these opportunities and will support local communities seeking such future funding.                           

Recent models predict that the OKI region will receive more precipitation in the future and the occurrence of heavy rainfall events will significantly increase. Adapting the region’s infrastructure for resilience and capacity to handle these predicted changes will be key in protecting lives and property in the future. Since 2000, our region has seen a 19% increase in precipitation events by volume

Policy Recommendations

9.A Local government comprehensive plans should be consistent, as appropriate, with the OKI Elements of an Effective Local Comprehensive Plan with respect to the aspects addressed in both.  OKI will provide information and technical assistance to local governments for this purpose      

9.B Protect, preserve, and re-establish natural floodplain areas to a level sufficient to manage increasing storm flows along the region’s rivers and streams and encourage stormwater management practices that emulate their pre-development flow

9.C Protect and maintain the region’s ample high quality drinking water resources.

9.D Encourage innovation and nature-based solutions for stormwater management design techniques, integrate stormwater management efforts on a watershed basis, and employ re-use of water for irrigation.

9.E Expand renewable energy production through promotion of distributed generation and community solar projects.

9.F Local subdivision regulations and other development related regulations should be consistent with the public facilities and services goals, objectives and policies of the local comprehensive plan.

9.G  Continue to address combined sewer overflows (CSOs) to protect water quality and property

9.H Local governments should foster creative public/private financing mechanisms and partnerships for public facility improvements.

9.I Prioritize the redesign and/or replacement of aging infrastructure in advance of any reduced service or system failures.