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Opportunity Area #6: Optimize Freight Movement

Opportunity Area #6: Optimize Freight Movement

Transportation Funding, Planning and Advocacy to Improve Freight Transport

To optimize freight movements, OKI evaluates non-highway freight projects for funding using a unique set of criteria that considers modal capacity, impact on roadway congestion, safety and security, and facility type. OKI develops a regional freight plan using the latest existing data and forecasts with insight from freight stakeholders from all five freight modes (truck, rail, river, air and pipeline) to identify needs and opportunities to optimize freight movements. OKI partners with freight stakeholders to advocate for local, state and federal policies and programs that support the safe and efficient movement of goods.

There is a projected 92% increase in volume of freight moving through the OKI Region from 2017-2050

Source: OKI Regional Council of Governments

Policy Recommendations

6.A OKI will continue to maintain a regional freight plan and remain engaged with freight movement stakeholders to advance the safe, reliable, efficient, and environmentally sustainable movement of goods that support economic competitiveness.