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Opportunity Area #4: Maintain the System

Opportunity Area #4 – Maintain the System

Fiscally Constrained Transportation Planning

For the OKI 2050 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP), the number of projects that can be recommended is limited by the transportation funding revenues projected to be available during the planning period. The available revenues are estimated at $18.89 billion with the fiscally constrained 2050 MTP recommendations estimated at $17.99 billion. The total project needs are estimated at $23.1 billion based on local project requests demonstrating a funding gap of over $4 billion.

2021 BIL Impact

The 2021 Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provided unprecedented levels of funding for transportation infrastructure improvements nationwide. Details for how this funding will be made available to projects in the OKI region are unfolding and will help address this regional issue for the short to mid-term

Policy Recommendations

4.A Invest in the maintenance of the region’s transportation system to ensure safety and preserve the ongoing utility and operation of the system.

4.B Plan for the adoption of emerging technologies to adapt to changes and better utilize existing transportation assets (i.e. curb space management).

4.C OKI will continue to use a prioritization process as a tool for evaluating transportation project costs, pursue additional transportation funding, and will ensure the prioritization process includes current Land Use Commission recommendations.