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Land Use

Opportunity Area #30: Cohesive Land Use Throughout Region

Opportunity Area #30 – Cohesive Land Use Throughout Region

The OKI Land Use Commission’s emphasizes the desirability for local governments to communicate, cooperate, and coordinate on the issues of transportation, land use, public facilities, natural resources, economic development, and housing

Policy Recommendations

30.A Local governments should consolidate public facilities and services to achieve economies of scale where feasible or establish equitable inter-local agreements to provide for more efficient delivery of public facilities and services.

30.B OKI will provide technical assistance to the region’s local governments, agencies and land use authorities in an effort to adequately maintain and enhance manmade and natural infrastructure across local political boundaries.

30.CLocal governments should work together to ensure that the timing and location of proposed development and transportation projects in one community do not adversely affect neighboring communities.