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Opportunity Area #3: Coordination with Land Uses

Opportunity Area #3 – Coordination with Land Uses

OKI supports local comprehensive planning efforts with technical support and guidance materials as needed. Coordinating with OKI provides consistency between local comprehensive plans and the Strategic Regional Policy Plan (SRPP) and Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). This coordination ensures the greatest return on investment, most efficient mobility between jurisdictions, and overall consistency. 

OKI Expert Consultation Efforts

Part of the OKI MTP planning effort includes consultation with both state and local environmental experts and housing officials. OKI has expanded this process to include county transportation engineers in an effort to ensure environmental recommendations are both feasible and understood by the region’s transportation officials.

Policy Recommendations

3.A Local government comprehensive plans should be consistent, as appropriate, with the OKI Elements of an Effective Local Comprehensive Plan and include specific transportation projects determined as necessary. OKI will make information and technical assistance available to local governments for this purpose.

3.B The OKI Metropolitan Transportation Plan and the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) will continue to reference and be consistent with the Strategic Regional Policy Plan, and the transportation elements of local comprehensive plans will be consistent with the OKI Metropolitan Transportation Plan and the Transportation Improvement Program. The OKI Metropolitan Transportation Plan is an important tool to begin the coordination and input of multi-jurisdictional coordination along regional transportation corridors.

3.C When updating their comprehensive plans, local governments should be aware of existing and proposed transportation assets serving their community, and coordinate their plans to enhance access to transportation, including coordination with regional transit agencies, as appropriate.

3.D The OKI Metropolitan Transportation Plan prioritization process will continue to acknowledge transit and micromobility needs identified for residential areas by local comprehensive plans.