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Land Use

Opportunity Area #27: Promote Equality

Opportunity Area #27 – Promote Equality

Effective public participation is a necessary foundation for planning. It builds public support and creates a unified vision on which community goals and public policies can be based. OKI maintains a Public Participation Plan and actively supports the OKI Environmental Justice Committee to ensure equitable procedures to identify the appropriate level of public participation depending on the project type and level of modification to an existing plan.

Project Recommendations

27.A Local communities should support parks and schools that are high-quality and accessible to all neighborhoods.

27.B OKI will continue to develop model guidelines and provide technical assistance for communities to support consideration of the impacts of the built environment and mobility options for public health in local planning processes.

27.C Local governments should use various methods to engage community members and organizations, including those who do not traditionally participate in the planning and decision making process.