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Land Use

Opportunity Area #26: Quality Comprehensive Planning

Opportunity Area #26 – Quality Comprehensive Planning

Community planning is an orderly, open approach to reaching specific community-wide goals. A community’s comprehensive plan is the fundamental tool for ensuring that development is consistent with community resources and priorities. Quality comprehensive planning involves a process to help a community examine where it has been, where it wants to go, and how to get there by identifying where investment will be aimed and what community priorities will be fostered. A quality comprehensive plan provides taxpayers and the development community with predictability and certainty regarding future development and public investment in services and infrastructure.

Policy Recommendations

26.A Local government comprehensive plans should be consistent, as appropriate, with the OKI Elements of an Effective Local Comprehensive Plan, and OKI will provide information and technical assistance to local governments for this purpose.

26.B Local government comprehensive plans should guide the adoption and amendment of local zoning regulations.

26.C Local governments should assure that adopted comprehensive plans are current by scheduling an update and public review at least once every five years.

26.D Local comprehensive plans should assess the anticipated changes in demographic composition and evaluate the community needs resulting from those demographic changes.

26.E In order to provide a link between infrastructure investment and sound local land use planning, OKI will continue to award points in the transportation infrastructure prioritization process to projects that support up-to-date local comprehensive plans.