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Opportunity Area #2: Improve Transportation Safety For All Users

Opportunity Area #2 – Improve Transportation Safety for all Users

In 2020, OKI updated the region’s Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan. This plan takes inventory of the region’s transit services for elderly, people with disabilities, and low-income populations. The plan identifies gaps in service and establishes strategies that guide funding decisions for improvements. A few of the plan’s recommendations include increasing mobility access to elderly and people with disabilities through expanded mobility management services and mobility on demand options. Mobility on demand refers to a system of services designed for more complete and efficient journeys for users. In 2021, SORTA/Metro led a planning effort involving paratransit service agencies across the OKI region to identify barriers to mobility. Enhancing collaboration among the region’s paratransit agencies along with more investment in technologies connecting riders with available options were among this planning process’ recommendations. Continued efforts toward these recommendations by SORTA and its partners are currently underway as part of the Reinventing Metro initiative.

Since 2014, the 5310 Grant Program has awarded $12 million in projects

Source: OKI Regional Council of Governments

Policy Recommendations

2.A Leverage better roadway design, technology, enforcement, and vehicle safety systems to reduce crashes, including pedestrian and bicycle involved crashes.

2.B Bike lanes should include a protective element – median, barriers, bollards, etc., as determined by roadway users, traffic volume, speed and community context.

2.C Implement traffic calming in neighborhoods and pedestrian-dense areas.

2.D Continue to invest in paratransit services and coordinate throughout the region to provide transportation access to the elderly and people with disabilities.

2.E Continue to monitor adoption of fully autonomous vehicles and modify local plans accordingly to ensure pedestrian safety is prioritized.