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Opportunity Area #17 – Improve Transportation Access and Services for Residents

Opportunity Area #17 – Improve Transportation Access and Services for Residents

As a result of separated-use development patterns, commercial retail operations and fixed transit systems are predominantly located along arterial corridors and neighborhood cores, away from many residential neighborhoods. A large percentage of the region’s residential neighborhoods lack convenient access to commercial retail and fixed transit routes.

Policy Recommendations

17.A Local governments should encourage mixed-use, walkable and transit-friendly development near centers of activity such as transit stops and neighborhood business centers.

Graphic: G:\RegionalPlanning\RegPlan\OKI SRPP\2022 update\Website Content\All the data that will be used in the excel file, two PDFs, food desert 2010, and food desert maps

17.B Local governments should identify residential neighborhoods that lack convenient access to services and encourage the development of shopping and services to support these neighborhoods through planning, zoning and private partnerships.

17.C Local governments’ comprehensive plans, zoning codes and development regulations should accommodate mixed use development, where appropriate.

17.D Local governments should work with transit providers to identify areas where planned higher density housing and employment would create a demand for additional or new transit service.