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Opportunity Area #16: Stabilize and Revitalize Housing Stock Throughout Region

Opportunity Area #16 – Stabilize and Revitalize Housing Stock Throughout the Region

Addressing the Deterioration of Housing Stock and Sub-standard Housing Conditions

The 2019 Fair Housing Assessment prepared by the Community Building institute for the City of Cincinnati and Hamilton County recommended local jurisdictions engage in active, consistent professional code enforcement. This assessment states that poor property conditions in units that are rental and owner-occupied units are problematic for protected class households – those of minority and low income – in these communities. The assessment recommends good code enforcement is the only protection many protected class households have to ensure their units are safe and healthy and supporting this function of government is important to safe sanitary housing and protecting vulnerable households.

Because of its multi-faceted focus, the comprehensive plan is an appropriate document to consider and address the condition of the community’s housing stock. According to the local plan survey conducted by OKI in 2022, 94% of local jurisdictions’ plans address housing stock condition through policies and recommendations. This is an increase from the 76% observed in 2013. The majority of methods proposed in local plans for addressing housing conditions include code enforcement and property maintenance policies. Other methods include razing deteriorated properties and developing or identifying incentives and funding sources for redeveloping deteriorated properties.

Policy Recommendations

16.A Within their up-to-date comprehensive plan, each local government should create a housing strategy to identify needs and options specific to their community, taking their housing stock, demographic and market trends into consideration.

16. B Local governments should use and enforce zoning, building, property maintenance, historic preservation, health, fire and/or appropriate codes to protect public safety, the community’s character, fiscal strength and property values.

16.C Local governments should review and revise design & development regulations to ensure that regulations will support housing revitalization, re-development and re-investment in existing housing stock.

16.D Local communities should encourage visitability and universal design standards in new housing and when retrofitting housing within the community, where appropriate.