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Natural Systems

Opportunity Area #13: Foster Natural Ecosystem Community-wide

Opportunity Area #13 – Foster Natural Ecosystem Stewardship Community-wide

The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA, 1970) calls for stewardship and for a sustainable environment balanced with other needs of present and future generations. To achieve this goal, NEPA targets decisions that involve the use of federal funds.

Since 2008, OKI’s Environmental Consultations process involves discussions of how the transportation plan might affect high-value environmental resources and how adverse effects might be avoided. The process has resulted in new data on local resources, new perspectives on major environmental concerns, and new considerations for developing strategies to reduce harmful impacts – an expanded basis for regional and local planning.

Cement is the second highest worldwide cause of the four billion tons of Co2 emissions being produced every year.

Policy Recommendations

13.A Promote local programs that engage residents, including youth, to champion natural system enhancement in partnership with businesses and institutions through education and workforce development.

13.B Local governments should consider information and feedback available through natural systems analysis to establish comprehensive plan policies that protect natural systems such as wetlands, groundwater recharge areas, fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas, riparian zones, flood plains, and steep slopes, as well as source water protection areas and other areas they identify as environmentally sensitive.

13.C OKI and Local governments should encourage the use of construction materials that are environmentally friendly and requiring the least amount of material to perform the necessary function.

13.D Local governments should identify and plan to protect the people most at risk from climate change impacts, such as urban heat islands, flash flooding, and landslides.