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Natural Systems

Opportunity Area #14: Equitably Expand Accessible Eco-Recreation and Tourism Opportunities Equitably

Opportunity Area #14 – Equitibly Expand Accessible Eco-Recreation and Tourism

Eco-recreation and tourism opportunities exist throughout the region. The OKI region is home to over 5,800 miles of streams, including 88 miles of the Ohio River. In partnership with the Ohio River Way and to enhance tourism along the Ohio River, OKI developed the Digital Guide to the Ohio River, designed to help boaters, paddlers, anglers, cyclists and motorists safely explore the Ohio and its historic river communities.

Policy Recommendations

14.A Local governments should explore and analyze opportunities for eco-tourism in their jurisdiction in cooperation with surrounding communities.

14.B Public access to rivers and streams should be prioritized by local governments for future enhancements and for public park investments.

14.C Local governments should identify areas that may benefit from new and improved trails and trail access.