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Land Use

What’s being done- plan implementation

OKI Elements of an Effective Local Comprehensive Plan 

OKI published the Elements of an Effective Local Comprehensive Plan in January 2016.  OKI staff have presented the guide at local conference and workshop sessions, including the region’s annual David J Allor Planning and Zoning Workshop, and often feature topical elements at OKI Regional Planning Forum events. To date, 150 copies have been provided to local communities and private sector consultants. For a copy of the guide or to request a workshop, please contact Andy Meyer, Senior Planner.

Comprehensive Planning & Land Use Planning Guidance and Technical Assistance

Tools, research and resources related to the Comprehensive Planning and Land Use Planning are available as a service to local government in the region. OKI staff are available to provide technical assistance for specific local planning needs and projects as resources permit. In addition, OKI has developed planning guidance documents and model ordinances on special topics related to the How Do We Grow From Here? Plan. OKI staff will update the documents as needed.

Community Energy Planning

OKI works with local communities to reduce energy costs and increase energy efficiencies. OKI consults with key partners to help with that effort. Partners include those in the energy industry, local planners and energy experts. OKI and partners work together developing advanced regional strategies. The strategies inform the planning of a sustainable infrastructure system that works for all users. OKI developed six Community Energy Plans serving as examples of community energy planning for any local government in the region. Explore OKI’s Community Choices: Energy Planning Guide for more information on OKI’s community energy planning examples and for a step-by-step guide to preparing a community energy plan.

Regional Planning Forum

OKI holds information meetings each year for professional planners across the region, called Regional Planning Forum. The forum features a variety of topics that help inform planners about the issues and policy recommendations in the How Do We Grow from Here? Plan. The purpose of the Forum is to create a regional outlet for sharing information, experience and expertise among planners and those in related disciplines so that we can provide the best possible quality of life for those who live and work in our region.

Fiscal Impact Analysis Model (FIAM 2.0)

The Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) has developed a Fiscal Impact Analysis Model to give decision makers a better understanding of the budgetary implications of land use proposals. The model has been in use in the region since 2009 and FIAM 2.0 was launched in 2020 to better address communities’ needs. The Fiscal Impact Analysis Model estimates the costs and revenues associated with land use change. It can compare alternative development scenarios within a jurisdiction and analyze effects of specific development projects.

Climate Action Planning – ThriveTogether

With funding from the US EPA, OKI is leading a regional partnership to prepare a climate action plan through 2025 called ThriveTogether – A Sustainability Playbook for Greater Cincinnati. This plan includes measures to promote green development as a strategy for regional emission reductions. Ensuring equitable benefit is also a focus of this planning effort with engagement methods transferable to land-use planning practices.